Portrait FAQ

BOUDOIR - Do you supply outfits & props?

A.For hygiene reasons, all lingerie is to be supplied by the client.
You do not need to spend a lot of money on lingerie before your session, a simple lacy set will work. You might also want to consider a chemise, tight singlet, robe, button up shirt or your partner’s sports jersey, as well as a pair of heels.

Bring along 2-3 outfits you feel bad ass in!

BOUDOIR - How do I prepare for an in-home session?

A.Using the bedroom as the main shooting spot. Keep it simple. Remove any unnecessary background clutter. If you have light coloured bedding, throw that on beforehand. We may use other areas of the house if need be for lighting etc. But don't stress too much, remember you're in your own home, where you're most comfortable, relax!

BOUDOIR - What about hair & makeup?

A.Hair and make-up is not included in the package price, however I can organise for a Hair & Makeup Artist to attend before the session (this will be an additional cost).

BRIDES - it's an amazing idea to coordinate your hair and make-up trials to be done just before coming to a bridal boudoir session.

CAKE SMASH - What do we bring?

A.A simple cake, keep it small (I definitely recommend Cheesecake shop or Woolies mini cakes!!)
A spare outfit for Mum or Dad, as sometimes things get a little sticky.
A drink bottle for bub, cake smashing can be thirsty work!

CAKE SMASH - When is the best time to book?

A.The best time to book is a month before your baby’s actual first birthday, so you can use the photos as an invite if you are having a birthday party with friends and family.

COUPLES - What should we wear?

A.The most important thing to know for a shoot is you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Wear clothes that make you feel you. Being comfortable will make you more comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t go wearing stilettos and a minidress when you’re a T-shirt and jeans kinda girl. Wear boots in fields and jeans at the beach! Got a favourite denim jacket? Wear it!

Bring any props that make you guys you.

Compliment eachother, but don’t match... This is not a Christmas card.

FAMILIES - What should we wear?

A.Choose 3 or 4 colours that look good together and use that as your base. Think about where you will be; in-home, in a green park (avoid red - it’s very easy to look Christmas themed wearing red in a very green park), or at a beach when picking your colours.

Limit patterns & avoid logos. Avoid slogans, cartoon characters or logos on t-shirts. They can be distracting to the eye and also means your photos won’t be timeless.

Add texture, layers and movement. Wearing textured clothing can add depth to your images and especially in winter and autumn chunky knits and fabrics look wonderful when paired with neutrals and pops of colour.

Most important of all is to be yourself and have fun. Some of my clients like to take photos of their clothing options laid out on the bed and send it to me for advice. I’m no stylist but as a family photographer I am happy to help and have a good idea what will look good on camera.

MATERNITY - What should I wear?

A.It's important to remember to be comfortable. You will be far more relaxed and have so much more fun if you are dressed comfortably and in a way that reflects you.

Choose outfits with movement, like flowy dresses and skirts. Or something form fitting and stretchy to show off the bump!

Try colours and patterns that compliment each other. For example, light blues with creams and greys, navy and grey etc.

MATERNITY - When should I book?

A.Anytime after 30 weeks or as soon as your belly is beautiful and round is a good time. This will vary with every woman and each pregnancy. I think it's nice to be comfortable to move around and feel well (generally 30-36 weeks). Please don't leave it too late just in case your baby decides to make an early entrance.

Where should I have my session?

A.When deciding on a location, think about what you like to do and what you want your final images to look like when they are hanging on your wall. I equally love shooting in home sessions as well as outdoor sessions.

I have a number of amazing outdoor locations I can suggest or you can choose your favourite spot. The options are endless, but some examples are, forests, the beach, waterfalls and creeks, the country side, tall grassy fields etc.

How does the booking process work?

A.The process is simple. After you decide to go ahead and book your session, I will send you booking forms.

After they're signed, you will be invoiced for the deposit. I require a $50 deposit to book any session.

The remainder of the fee is due 7 days before your session.

How are the images delivered?

A.I use an online gallery to deliver your high resolution edited images.

You will receive an invitation to the gallery and will be prompted to download the images to your computer.

Once on your computer, you can print as you wish.

How long until we receive all images?

A.You will receive a sneak peek within 24hrs of your session and then all images over the next 2 weeks.

Will my photos appear on your website or social media?

A.Before all sessions, clients sign a contract which states whether they would like their photos used on my website or a sneak peek on Facebook/Insta.
You always have the final say on whether your images are shared publicly. It’s always your decision and I would always check with you before I use any images.